The Different Programmes to Help You!


With years of developing confidence as well as learning about confidence, I will be drawing on my experience and knowledge when approaching each of the sessions. 
Whether they are coaching, mentoring or accountability sessions.

As everyone is different each session is created around the individual's needs. As with any coaching or mentoring programme, the responsibility to create the shifts, change your mindset, grow and prosper rests with you the client.

As your coach and mentor, I will provide the tools that will help with your progress, but it is up to you to use them.

If you are ready to create the change needed for a more confident, happier person with more personal growth in your life and your business, see which programme will suit you best.

Having more confidence about running behind the scenes activities of your business, creating more of a public presence with your business, then these sessions will be invaluable to you. So long as you are willing to take personal responsibility for your actions and put in the effort to create the change that you desire.

As with any coaching or mentoring programme, this is not a quick fix or overnight change. It will take effort, time and energy but the rewards are limitless, it is up to you to make the effort and progress.

Power Hour

Confidence in being more visible on social media!

Why would you want to become more visible?
- So your potential clients can find you?
- You build your know like and trust.

People buy people therefore when you are being you on social media your potential clients feel like they know who you are before they have even started working with you.

The benefits of the POWER HOUR 
Q -Whenever you hit the post or send it on your social media, do your palms sweat and your heart feels like it will pop out of your chest?
A - The POWER HOUR will help you not feel like this.

Q - Whenever you post on social media do you worry that you are being judged?
A - During the POWER HOUR, you will have a better understanding of where this feeling is coming from and how to deal with it.

Q - If you were more visible on social media, would you be able to grow your business?
A - During the POWER HOUR, you will find ways that suit you to be on social media. When you are working the way you like to work you will become more comfortable and confident.

A - Does the idea of talking on camera scare you? (The stats show that video is very big for building a business and that you need to do live videos in order to reach more people).
Q - During the POWER HOUR, you will learn how to talk to the camera when doing a live or recorded video plus top tips that can help you to appear relaxed, calm and confident while speaking.


Can your business afford not to become more visible on social media?

POWER HOUR is done via zoom.
1 x 70-minute session £99

To Book your power hour Message via the contact form on the website or WhatsApp 07960402667 or
Email: [email protected] or LinkedIn or Facebook DM's under Natalie King


A programme for you and your business.

This programme is designed to give you regular accountability and is easy to set into your schedule.

- Focused on topics you are struggling with right now
- Get clear on your goals
- Break down your goals into actionable and attainable steps.
- Plan your next steps
- Check your habits
- Improve your productivity
- Create strategies for your business

This is an accountability tool if you don't want coaching but want a mentor who will support and guide you, hold you accountable and be a brain to pick,  the person to bounce ideas with, learn, as well as get honest feedback so that you can stay on track.

All sessions via zoom.
2x 60-minute session per month
6x £150 paid monthly.
Minimum commitment: six months.

Book a call to see if I am the right fit for you.
Contact me via the contact form on the website
WhatsApp 07960402667
Email [email protected]
or LinkedIn or Facebook DM's under Natalie King

Intensive Confidence Coaching Programme

This programme is for those who want to dive straight into coaching and to put the basics in place before going further.

This is a stand-alone programme or can be used as a springboard to further development.

This programme is designed to get you started on your confidence journey.

- Goals
- Identity
- Values
- Why
- Habits
- 6 Human Needs

All the sessions are via zoom
6 weekly 60 minute sessions
£595 (payment plan option if needed) 

Contact me via the contact form on the website
WhatsApp 07960402667
Email [email protected] or LinkedIn or Facebook DM's under Natalie King

Confidence Coaching 

Empowering you to grow your Superpower of Confidence!

Confidence is key to having those amazing experiences that you are dreaming about.

Confidence is a superpower that anyone who wants it can have.

Confidence is the doorway to your dreams, goals, purpose and experiences.

Everyone has the ability to fulfil their potential no matter where they are right now.

Would you like to grow your confidence so that you can embrace the opportunities that are available to you?

Stop worrying about being judged?
Start to lead a life of purpose and meaning both in your business and in yourself today?

5 steps to creating Confidence as a Superpower.

This is done through a combination of coaching, mentoring, teaching. You will learn how your brain works and how you can utilise your best assets to help you progress.

There are three main elements that are taken into consideration.

1. BEHIND THE SCENE of your business: What is going on behind the scenes of your business? What systems do you have in place to help you grow your business? What resources are you utilising?

2. PUBLIC PRESENCE. How visible are you for your ideal client, to find you? Are you building up your resilience?

3. GROWTH. What growth are you wanting to achieve for both yourself and your business? With this, we will dive into your mindset, your identity and the productivity that you are doing for your business.

By combining and working on the 3 main elements you will start to create focus, flow and purpose both personally and in your business.

Confidence is a transitional process and part of that process is to have an understanding of the following topics.

- Goals
- Identity
- Values
- Purpose
- Why
- Neuroscience and the brain
- Habits
- 6 Human Needs
- 5 Sabotages
- Emotions

All the sessions are via zoom
2 x month 70 minutes £295 per month Minimum of 6 months

Contact me via the contact form on the website WhatsApp 07960402667 Email [email protected] or LinkedIn DM's

The superpower of Confidence Models

The Ulimate Superpower of Confidence and The 5 Step Guide models are used to help you create your Superpower of Confidence..