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Confidence as a Superpower

Start your confidence journey by downloading a FREE copy of my Confidence as a Superpower mini eBook where you will be given tips that you can start to implement today that will help you to create success both in your business and in your personal life.


Unlock your Potential

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If the thought of being confident scares you, then you're not alone!

Sometimes even when we know we need to be more confident, something inside stops us. It shows up when you talk about your services and products and that makes you feel sleazy and uncomfortable. You struggle to know what to focus on and business goals, well, if you ever set them, never get achieved. 

If this sounds like you, then I would like to help.

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Unlock your Superpower

So that you can live the life you have always dreamed of. 

Grow your Business

So that you can work the hours and with the people you choose to work with. 

Create the Life you Want

So that you have the lifestyle you dreamed of spending more time with family taking those exotic holidays you always wanted. 

I get it. Because I've been there.

I am Natalie King and I've helped many business owners unlock their potential, build their business and grow their superpower of confidence. 

I started with zero confidence due to my confidence being eroded away by years of bullying.

The defining moment came when I realised that I had to take control of my actions, thought, choices and life.

I've been on a journey that has taken me to Toastmasters International where I learnt the art of public speaking and from there progressed up through the levels where I gained the title and honour of Distinguished Toastmaster.

From there I went on to qualify as a Certified Life, Confidence, Happiness and Goal Setting Coach, a Public Speaking Mentor and following my passion for learning I am now Certified with the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme.

For the last 2 years, I've been helping clients overcome their confidence and step into their superpower of confidence!

Confidence Conversation Corner 

A twice-monthly place to come and ask questions and get help for you and your business for more success!

The Confidence Conversation Corner is a group that meets on 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 8 30 pm GMT for 1 hour.

A place where you can come and ask questions get advice or just listen to what others are asking.

A place where you can bring me scenarios, situations, or questions around confidence and how to use it.

A place where there are no stupid questions. You will get help, advice and start to connect and build relationships with other business owners like yourself.

Connections with others is what makes us human and here is a place you can start to create those connections.

Come and expereince our community FREE for 30 days.

This is my gift for you. There is no obligation!

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What my clients have said

I was stressed out, I didn't understand what I needed to do. Then I found Natalie. She is a really caring and passionate person. She really listens to what I have to say. She has really helped me to find my path. She helped me to get my big AH moment, where everything fell in place. I have found the right direction for my business . She helped me get a clear vision of where I am going with my business and what I want to achieve.


I started my business over three years ago with many ideas for the business but one of my biggest challenges has been keeping focused and knowing where to focus my energy. This is where Natalie stepped in. I needed help with organising my thoughts, really thinking about what my goals were and which should be prioritised. She has also prompted me to consider how these goals fit in with other personal aspects of my life.  Natalie has been there to give me the push and also the support that I needed to make the decisions that are edging me closer to my dream life.


3 easy steps to working with me


Create a plan of action using the 5 steps to creating confidence as a Superpower


Implement the right action steps we created for you with my support to keep you on track and accountable.


Enjoy the effects of your growing Superpower of Confidence

I look forward to helping you step into your superpower of confidence!

Confidence as a Superpower Model

This is the model that I use when working with my clients. 


Power Hour

Confidence in Social Media. Be seen by your potential clients. Build your know, like and trust.  


Regular accountability, focusing on your goals and help with what you are struggling with. Someone in your corner.

6-Week Intensive

Intensive coaching to kick start you on your confidence journey. 

Confidence Coaching

Connect with your superpower of confidence. Confidence is the doorway to your dreams, goals, purpose and experiences.