Re-connecting to your humanness

Building Confidence in a New World 

Are you fed up with feeling like you don't belong like you are losing connection to yourself and others?

Struggling to know who you are?

Tired of self-doubt and lost your confidence?

I'm Natalie, I help those who are ready to take back control while life feels hard and confusing. 

I empower you to reconnect with who you are, and embrace your humanness as you grow, shift and move forward.

This is done with a simple yet effective method, that starts with a conversation.

Hi, I'm Natalie,
The Confidence Coach

Founder of Natalie King Coaching, author, podcaster, speaker, teacher/trainer, coach, mentor and introvert human.

Empowering you to build confidence in a new world! With trust and hope as you move forward.

Confidence is the doorway to your dreams, goals, purpose and experiences.

I coach, teach and guide those who are ready to embrace their sovereign self and are awake to what is happening around them.

Speaking your truth and standing up for your integrity can feel overwhelming and scary. You might even feel alone. This is where I come in helping you to be YOU.

I will share tools and strategies so that the way you are feeling right now,  does not have to become your normal. You are more than the norm!

I will help you to have the confidence to be you, to have the confidence to find your own community, to have the confidence to speak your truth and reconnect with humanness.

So that you can be the best version of yourself and live life on your terms.

If this sounds good, get in touch and have a conversation.

Remember to live your life with Confidence

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Growing your confidence takes time. It needs to be nurtured and cared for...

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Come and join the community and see how you can build your confidence and resilience.

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Trust and Hope

Know Yourself

Create your Life

Sky Survayer

Does the idea of building confidence in a new world scare you?

You are not alone!

Do you ever feel adrift, lost, confused and alone?

You feel tired. Overwhelmed by what is happening in the world right now.

Your energy and motivation are low.

You are struggling to stay focused and positive for the future. Sometimes you wonder if the path you are on is worth it. 

You are 'shoulding' all over yourself, instead of being true to yourself and allowing yourself to process the changes that are happening in the world right now.

You wonder where you have gone and you do not recognise the person you see in front of you.

If this sounds like you, then I would like to help you. It all starts with a no-obligation conversation.

Reach out to book a Conversation

Together, I can help you

Trust and Hope

Trust in yourself and hope for the future.

This is the starting point to building confidence in a new world. 

Know Yourself

Step into the human you want to  become.
Know your potential and purpose.

Let your light shine bright. 

Create your Life

Live your life on your own terms, and the way that suits you.

Be true to who you are and embrace person you are need to be..

I get it. Because I've been there.

I started with zero confidence due to my confidence being eroded away by years of bullying.

Feeling lost and alone, and wondered if I was weird because I was different to others and did not want to be surrounded by noise and people.

Feeling like I had to hide. Not having a voice and thinking that my opinions and thoughts did not matter and that I was not worth it.

The defining moment came when I realised that I had to take control of my actions, thoughts, choices and life.

I've been on a journey that has taken me to Toastmasters International where I learnt the art of public speaking and from there progressed up through the levels where I gained the title and honour of Distinguished Toastmaster.

From there I went on to qualify as a Certified Life, Confidence, Happiness and Goal Setting Coach, a Public Speaking Mentor and following my passion for learning I am now Certified with the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme and NLP for Coaches programme

I have also organised and run virtual summits helping business owners overcome obstacles in challenging times.

Embracing the sovereign self and doing things my way, helped me to find my voice, and have the courage to share my thoughts and opinions.

You too can embrace your true self when you step into your superpower of confidence. 

3 easy steps to working with me


Create a plan of action using the 5 steps to creating confidence as a Superpower


Implement the right action steps created for you with my support to keep you on track and accountable.


Enjoy the effects of your very own Superpower of Confidence.

What my clients have said

One of the BEST decisions I ever made was to reach out to Natalie and ask her for help.

I would highly recommend Natalie because she is so special in the way she listens and interacts with you.

She teaches you methods in which to reflect, question yourself, celebrate your achievements and care for yourself.

Identifying and working through my issues with Natalie was very inspirational and is helping me believe in myself, grow my confidence and celebrate my successes.

Even after a few sessions with her, I felt a transformation inside of me. I have completely changed my mindset, I am feeling amazing, confident, courageous and powerful in everything I do.

I look forward to continuing to grow and implement these methods throughout my life and sharing them with my children.

I now feel very much in control of my life! 

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Natalie is a very conscientious, very professional person who cares about you doing well. She is open-minded, generous, and helpful.

She puts you in confidence and at ease.

I was delighted and touched to talk with her. She has a real interest in her guests and an attentive ear that builds trust.

She manages to extract the best from the other person. Beyond her highly professional qualities, Natalie demonstrates a large-scale of human qualities such as listening, empathy, sympathy, and understanding which fully shine through during interviews.

I fully recommend Natalie for her next endeavours.

If I had to do it again, I would go back there with my eyes closed.

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What my Client said

I look forward to helping you step into your superpower of confidence!