I am passionate about empowering individuals to speak their truth, to achieve their life goals with confidence.

I really believe that within everyone lies the potential for greatness. And that there is a superhero within you. With this idea in mind, I believe that everyone can have their own superpower of confidence.

I am an extreme introvert, bordering on being a hermit. This in itself has brought challenges over the years. I have learnt to use this part of me as a guide and a tool to help me create the right business for me.

I am still working on my own confidence as it is an ongoing journey. Plus working with my introversion in an extroverted world has challenged me. But part of being human and connecting with my humanness as an introvert is what makes this journey of growing my business and helping my clients worth it.

I am originally from South Africa and have been living here in the UK for 23+ years.

You will now find me in a county called Suffolk. It is rather flat, but there are a lot of farms where you can see sheep and pigs grazing in the field.

You will usually find me sitting with my 2 rescue dogs snoring in the office as they are very much a part of the heartbeat of our home.

You can find me surrounded by dogs most days as I also help my husband with his dog-walking business. very much a dog lovers household.

I have many soap boxes that I like to stand on from time to time and have been known to go down a rabbit hole or 2. I love conversing with people and listening to others' perspectives thoughts and ideas.

What drives me:

Humour - and I do like to bring some humour to the work I do and with my clients.

Listening - listening is important, especially these days when it can appear that everyone is shouting to be heard, and no one is heard. Spending time just listening to what my clients say is important to me.

Sharing - I believe in sharing information I have learnt, even if it is something new because knowledge is one of my values. And knowledge is to be shared.

Learning - I am constantly reading and learning new things, whether it is a skill or an idea. I love to teach and pass on information to my clients, especially if it is something that can help them to move forward.

A guilty secret:
- I can be found on weekends reading a good fantasy book,
- and I cannot resist good ice cream.

If you like what you have read, let us have a conversation to see how I can help you with your confidence.