Visibility, an Introverts Nightmare

Visibility, an Introverts Nightmare
VISIBILITY - You've got to find a way to make people know that you're there.
Nikki Gionanni

"BE MORE VISIBLE" they said...

Another popular phrase that I have heard over the years is "YOU CANNOT RUN A BUSINESS AS A SECRET AGENT!

Every time I used to hear these phrases; my heart would sink. My palms would go all sweaty and the urge to quit was high.

Being visible is important to build a business. Yet so many times we are told to do it a certain way that can overwhelm the introvert, the shy, the low in confidence person.

Just the thought of being more visible and seen can send many an introvert into a dark corner never to be seen again.

There are many reasons why you would not want to be visible:-

  • It is scary.
  • People will judge you.
  • It is exhausting and noisy.
  • You feel tired afterwards and can take a long time to recoup your energy.
  • Etc...

There are many ways that you can be visible and heard. Not all of it is about shouting above the crowd.

It is just a matter of finding the right way for you. Not every way will suit you. And that is a good thing, as you are a unique human, and you can be visible as an introvert in a way that suits you.

There is this rule of thumb regarding marketing your own business that you need to be visible and seen, as you are the face and image of your own brand.

Yes, you do need to be visible, because when you are in hiding no one will know what it is that you do or even who you are. This will have a negative impact on your business.

But not all is lost...

Because you can do it your way. You can work out what works for your inner introvert and your business.

I get that as an introvert, where solitude and time spent alone is preferable to being seen by a load of strangers, whether via social media or even in real life, can feel challenging and overwhelming. Plus very noisy and tiring.

I get the urge to stay in the shadows and sat hidden. And I tried that for many years. I struggled to build my business from the shadows.

Did you know you can be heard quietly? And that you as the introvert can be visible in your own way?


  • Being visible helps your ideal client find you!
  • You grow your brand awareness.
  • Stretching yourself and being more visible you build confidence.
  • People buy people and your potential client will want to build a rapport with you and know that you are the right person to help them.

But this does not mean that you should be everywhere and following all the "shoulds" that you are told you should be doing.

You are the Expert!

When you are visible you are seen as the expert in what it is that you are doing.

Being seen as the expert can feel scary at times, as you might not feel like the expert, but trust me you are the expert in you.

You are the expert in what and how you do things. As there is no-one else like you. And this is very important for you to realise, you are an expert.

Builds Credibility

Being visible builds your credibility and lets your potential clients know that you can help them.

Your credibility is important to building a trust and rapport with your clients before they have even reached out to you.

There are many others out there who are doing what you are doing.

Building your credibility is about sharing with your audience that you are serious about what it is that you are doing and that you know how to help them.

This also goes back to, and builds on, that you are the expert.

Brand Awareness

You are your own brand; therefore, you do need to be seen and be visible. But there are many ways to be seen.

Your audience will connect with you when they understand what your branding is. I am not talking about your logo or tag line, but more about who you are as a business owner.

Your brand awareness will be about your values, show your uniqueness, ideas and thoughts that you stand for. Your hobbies. Loves and hates and even your soapbox topics.

Brand awareness is the points of commonality that will connect your potential client with you.

When you are true to your brand and your message, you will attract the right person into your circle and dispel the wrong ones.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou


When you are visible you start to connect with others. Build your own tribe and grow a network around you of likeminded fellow business owners and solopreneurs.

Having these connections helps you to not feel so lonely running your business.

Bing a solopreneur and growing your business can be lonely at times, especially as an introvert when socialising is not your first option.

Being visible connects you to others who will become part of your support network. Friends. Even fellow experts who you can collaborate with.

Having the right connections that motivate and inspire you is important as you build and grow your business. How can these fellow solopreneurs find you if you are not visible?

Not only will these connections help you, but you can be a source of help, motivation encouragement and inspiration for them.

When you stay hidden, who is missing out from knowing you?

Personal Growth

That dreaded comfort zone.

Being visible and stretching your comfort zone, is about growing yourself and becoming a better version of you.

Building and growing your confidence!

When you create personal growth, you are more focused and have more clarity in the direction you want to be going both in your business and personal life.

Personal growth helps you to live your life with purpose. You are in a better position to grab onto new opportunities and experiences.

Personal growth is about developing yourself and getting unstuck in the hamster wheel of life.

Plus, when you develop yourself, you develop your confidence. You grow your skills and experiences and might even have fun while doing it.

And OH YES, did I mention it yet? You will grow your CONFIDENCE!

I get it that as an introvert, the business arena is noisy and overwhelming. But it is about finding ways to use your energy and knowing when you are in the right space to share and be visible and when you might need to take a step back and stay hidden.

Having the right balance to suit your inner introvert at the same time as building your business. A juggling act.

And this juggling act is something that over time you will get better and better at doing. It is about giving yourself the space to learn how to juggle and what works for your personality and what does not.

Make friends with your inner introvert, work together. And be seen as the amazing unique person you are. Because there are people out there who need what it is you are offering.

I have shared some of my expereinces as an introvert in the video Finding the Introvert on my YouTube Channel, watch the Video HERE! Know that you are not alone, rude or weird.

Remember to live your life with confidence!

Chat soon


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